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Updated on November 11, 2015 

This is the home page of the web site for the condominium project located at 1349 Race Street in Denver, Colorado.

All Unit Owners, Renters, Buyers and Realtors are welcome to access this site for detailed information about our community.

Official registered name for this Association:
Thirteen Forty-Nine Race Condominiums

The building was built in 1964 as a 12-Unit apartment building.
NOTE: There were no condos on Capitol Hill in that era.

The building was converted to Condominium Units on August 31,1979.

The Colorado Secretary of State registers this Association as:  Entity ID #: 19871380902.

It is registered as a Non-Profit, Perpetual Corporation, In Good Standing
The current Registered Agent is: Stuart MacPhail
The current Registered Office is: 1133 Race, #14N, Denver, CO 80206

The building is located in an R-3 Zone.

The Building:
The building consists of eight two-story, two-bedroom, two-bath Units… and four garden-level one-bedroom, one-bath Units.

The complex includes a Laundry Room for use by all residents, 8 privately owned parking spaces, and 2 Association-owned parking spaces.

NOTE: See the “Parking Space Map” for designated on-site parking spaces.

Beginning on 1/11, the regular monthly condo fee for two-bedroom Units is $175 per month. The regular monthly condo fee for one-bedroom Units is $106 per month.  These same rates continue through 2013. 



For many years, the Association was managed by its Board of Directors with no outside manager or management company. Beginning December 1, 2015 the Association employed the services of Professional Property Management, Inc.  Their contact information: 

Professional Property Management, Inc.

Gregory S. Beran, Owner

1788 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

303-698-1900    greg@ppmrentsdenver.com



The Association's Board and Officers, elected October 27, 2015, are as follows:


President: Eric Keller - 303-888-1449
Vice President:  Mike Brent - 720-352-7496

Secretary-Treasurer: Ken Coombs - 720-205-1833 

Roman Mayer - 303-885-8409
P. Moltree - 303-995-4012

Reserve Account:

As of 10/27/15, the 1349 Race Street Condo had $4,000 total in its Operating Accounts at First Bank, Denver.  As of 10/27/15 the Reserve Account balance was $27,000 at First Bank.  That account is currently growing at about $4,000 per year in contributions from monthly condo fees.

As of January 1, 2016 the monthly condo fee for each one-bedroom Unit is $122 per month... and the monthly condo fee for each two-bedroom Unit is $203


Maintenance History:
The following improvements were made to the 1349 Race Street property during the eras indicated.

March, 1998:
New Roof – Reconstructed the slope of the roof (to eliminate ponding), and installed a new welded fabric-type roof on the entire building. (Alpine Roofing Company  $18,935 - 5 year warranty).

NOTE:  Re-checked roof in August 2006 with Rob Tichy, President of Alpine, and had gutters cleaned and lower seams (both at the front of the building and at the rear of the building) re-sealed (precautionary).  The roof looked to be in good condition.  He recommended that in 3 to 5 years the entire roof should be "silver-coated," and that should add another 8 to 10 years to the life of the roof.

New Yard Light – Installed a new light over the main driveway in front of the building (SE corner).

New Hot Water Heater – A new 91-gallon gas hot water boiler was installed in the room above the laundry room. ($3,500)

New Mail Box Area – A new structure was built under the stairs to Unit #5 to house new mail boxes, and storage for maintenance equipment, light bulbs, and other Association supplies.

Laundry Room Improvements – The laundry room door was outfitted with an automatic door closer and a new lock (that requires a key for re-entry).

Building Frontage – The small area of grass in front of 1349 Race was replaced with small stones... and the trees were trimmed.

Special Servicing of the Heating Boiler – Installed two “thermocouplers,” cleaned the burners, repaired leaks in one of the two pumps.

New Mansard Roofs – Over the entry to each 2-bedroom Unit, and around the top edge of the building. ($6,300)

Exterior Painting – The exterior of the building was completely re-painted. ($7,220)

Bird Barrier Spikes – To discourage birds from perching on the down spouts on the front of the building, “Bird Barrier Spikes” were installed near the top of the building.

September, 2004:
Tree Trimming – The two trees in front of 1349 Race were pruned, trimmed and shaped at a cost of $500 each (Mortensen's Property Services, 990 E. Cottonwood Avenue, Littleton, CO 80121).

October, 2004:
Backflow Preventor – A backflow prevention device (required by the City of Denver) was installed on the boiler system and on the domestic water supply for 1349 Race… and a new water shut off valve was installed.

January, 2006:

Sewer Line Clean Out - We had AAA Service Plumbing do a preventative maintenance on the main sewer line on 1/20/06 at a cost of $397.36.  They ran 110' of line out to the main sewer line in the alley.  The sewer line was accessed from Unit 3A.

October, 2007:

All gutters were cleaned out and repaired.

Summer, 2009
This summer our Condo Association began using the services of Alpine Trash Removal Services.  The Board wishes to warn residents to use ONLY the green Alpine dumpster in the back of the building in the alley.  Every resident was given a key to the dumpster in 2009.  Residents choosing not use the designated dumpster, or using the tan City of Denver dumpster, risk receiving a fine from the City and County of Denver.

October, 2009:

This month the Central Heating Boiler (and all related equipment) was replaced by Aspen Air and Mechanical.  The new boiler has a backup pump and electronic zone monitoring.  Service is now provided by Aspen Air and Mechanical.

Summer, 2010:
Roof - Western Roofing silver coated the 1349 Race roof to add to the life of the roof.  Cost $1,965.  The warranty is 90 days on labor.

Landscaping - Holly and Patrick replaced the mulch in the north side and south side flower/shrub beds.  Cost of materials: $200.  The trees in front of 1349 Race were treated by Enviro-Tree to promote good tree health.  Cost - $100.  Mortensen Tree Service trimmed the trees.  Cost - $1,250

Exterior Lighting - The front-of-the-building flood light was replaced (purchased from Homedepot.com) for $95.

Sewer Line - At the demand of Denver Water and Sewer, the Association replaced the coupling of the 1349 sewer line with the main sewer line in the alley.

Summer 2012:
Installed new concrete driveways (front and back) and replaced several of our on-site sidewalks at a total cost of $18,400.

Summer 2015:

Roof was cleaned and repairs were made.  Adjacent trees were trimmed to eliminate debris on roof.  

Contact Info for Aspen Air & Mechanical:
John Stifter:  Office Phone (303) 646-1065 for service.  John’s cell phone for emergency only:  (720) 641-2071.  We are no longer using A&A Mechanical.  Please do not call them for service.